About Us

The original goal of the Jericho Saxophone was to introduce a budget horn that played like a pro horn, and you know what, we did it!

The Jericho Saxophone was a budget favourite among members of Café Saxophone, received a glowing technical review from the author of the Haynes saxophone manual the @saxdoctor himself, Steve Howard, and received great reviews from customers and music teachers.

So why did we disappear with all this success? Did we retire with all our millions?

Alas no, we just needed a break, a change of scenery and to dust ourselves off after a major bereavement in our team.

We moved to Ireland, got bored and kept reading posts in the forums from members asking where they could buy a Jericho Saxophone.

With this in mind, we decided it was time to come home and return to what we do best, getting youngsters playing the coolest instrument there is #jerichosaxophones