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We could describe Jericho saxophones as articulate and bright, as having rich mellow tones and an authoritative sound, but what does this mean?

In all likelihood, you are reading this because you or your child are thinking of learning the saxophone and all the marketing jargon in the world will not help in this decision-making process.

The Jericho Alto saxophone has been designed for student use. This means consideration has been given to the ease of play, the weight of the instrument and the ergonomics so that the student is as comfortable as possible while learning their new skill.

That skilled saxophone players use the Jericho Alto saxophone as a spare or backup speaks to the playability of these instruments. (Google Café Saxophone for comments from these players!)

The supplied mouthpiece has been designed to closely match the Yamaha 4c mouthpiece, widely regarded as the best student mouthpiece, and is made from superior materials than the usual fare supplied with student horns.

All the reeds we supply are the correct strength for student use and any brand and strength of reed will fit the mouthpiece as the student's reed preference changes.

Rest assured that everything the student needs to start playing the Jericho Alto saxophone is included with your purchase.


Alto Saxophone Spec:

  • Range from low Bb to high F#
  • Easy operating octave mechanism
  • Fully ribbed construction - provides additional strength to the body
  • Blued steel springs - for a fast and responsive feel
  • Adjustable thumb hook
  • Tuned to Eb
  • Gold lacquer finish
  • Free blowing in every register

What’s Included:

  • Mouthpiece, with reed and ligature fitted
  • Mouthpiece cover
  • Cleaning kit
  • Neck sling
  • Water resistance, wipe clean saxophone case built to protect the saxophone during transport. Multiple ways to carry including ruc-sac style and a pocket for music sheets, cleaning kit and reeds.

We don’t expect a student or novice to know whether their saxophone is functioning correctly, which is why we have a three-point quality control process in place to help ensure your new instrument reaches you in fully working order.

We are confident of our procedures, but for complete peace of mind we recommend you take your alto to a saxophone teacher during the 30-day trial period and let them confirm that it plays as it should.