Teach Major - A Mission to Raise the Standard of Music Education by Molly Cale

What a start to the academic year! I’m so incredibly proud of how Teach Major is shaping into one of the most trustworthy and reliable service providers for schools across London and the surrounding areas. As we approach our 5th birthday we continue to grow, more than doubling our teaching team and developing valuable and innovative services for schools and parents. 

I founded Teach Major back in 2015 with a mission to raise the standard of musical education. Providing schools with outstanding primary education practitioners who have valuable experience in the modern music industry has proved incredibly popular.

We are all about delivering an excellent learning experience and teaching service that is financially flexible for schools and challenging budgets. The financial pressures faced by schools at the moment are not lost on us so we work with them to develop bespoke solutions and affordable packages that help ensure all pupils have access to music and all the wonderful creative avenues it opens up. I’m delighted to say these have proved a huge success.

I am particularly proud of how we help schools boost their budget with our various initiatives that not only provide an interactive learning experience for pupils but also an added source of revenue for schools. These are available through our Gigs for Schools, recording services and workshops. We have written a specific blog on how schools can boost their budget with our various programs, which you can read here.

While our brand is synonymous with expertise and excellence, we absolutely prioritize the welfare of every child at all times, supporting schools beyond any contractual obligation – and we do so because we care.

Our client, Ann Probert at Montem Academy, says, “I am absolutely delighted with the outstanding music provision provided by Teach Major to pupils at Montem Academy. Teach Major delivers excellence to all of our pupils and as a result our pupils have developed a love of music that  extends beyond the classroom. Teach Major is determined that every child succeeds in their music ability and ensures that every child goes on to make excellent progress regardless of their starting point. Teach Major has transformed our music provision; they have made such a difference; I cannot thank them enough.”

At Teach Major we are all active musicians. Our skills are founded in a music industry that we love. We want to encourage the very best out of all the pupils we work with. Musical gems are often hidden beneath a shy exterior. We help find those gems and polish them.

I am incredibly grateful that the teachers we employ choose us as the go-to company to work for; our fabulous teacher Magdalena Magda states, 'Working for Teach Major is just amazing. The managers are very helpful, they do everything they can to sort out any problems and most importantly, they are putting the teachers wellbeing first. Very professional with a friendly atmosphere! I can't imagine myself working anywhere else!'

I would love to network more with Primary Schools and Teachers, so if you have a love of music and believe it is important in today’s curriculum, please do get in touch with me – molly@teachmajor.com or follow our social pages to keep up to date with all things Teach Major!

Molly Cale

Founder, Teach Major

Web: www.teachmajor.com

Facebook: @teachmajoruk

Twitter: @TeachMajor

Instagram: @teachmajor


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