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Reasons to buy a Jericho Saxophone

  • Three Levels of Quality Assurance

    Every Jericho saxophone is carefully tested in our factory prior to shipping. Each instrument is then tested again at our Hampshire warehouse to ensure that no damage was caused during shipment. Finally, the saxophones are inspected by an independent technician before dispatch.

  • Teacher Approval Guarantee

    Here at Jericho Saxophones we work hard to provide you with the best value student instrument you can buy. Your saxophone teacher will assess if our horns are the best for your musical journey. If for any reason your teacher does not think a Jericho Saxophone is the best for you, you can return it for a refund. T&C's apply.

  • UK Company with a UK Workshop

    Unlike many of the low cost saxophones you can find online at sites such as Amazon, we are a UK based company with a UK workshop. If a warranty issue should arise with your instrument we will be able to resolve it for you with minimal interruptions to music lessons.

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Are your saxophones suitable for adult learners?

Absolutely! Consideration is given to the ergonomics and weight during the design phase to ensure younger players can handle the instruments but our saxophones are suitable for any age.

Do you offer a next day delivery

Our standard free delivery is 2-3 days, however if you contact us before midday if your order is urgent, we can offer a next day service for £5.95

Do you accept returns?

All of our saxophones are offered with a 30 day return period.

Are your saxophones made in China?

Yes! All saxophones in this price range are manufactured in China. In fact many of the cheaper saxophones on Amazon come direct from China. The quick delivery times are courtesy of Amazon warehousing and fulfilment.

Customer Testimonials - More coming soon!

  • David Chapman

    As one who tried the original Jericho alto back in 2012 and then went on to buy one I'm happy to say I still have one and it's a definite keeper. It stood up well to a side by side comparison with my Selmer SA80II alto

  • Michael Kelly (USA)

    I am thrilled to see that you are bringing back Jericho saxophones.   I bought a Tenor for my daughter four years ago which she used in marching band and jazz band.  It has been a terrific instrument.